ARMA Products is a creative materials and components provider for the Defense, Security, Law Enforcement, and Sporting Goods markets. Our knowledge of advanced technologies, materials science, and converting applications allow us to provide your design team options to reduce cost, increase productivity, improve durability, and lower weight.


ARMA Products is a division of Advanced Converting Inc, who has been providing custom fabricated tapes, labels and gaskets to manufacturers in the electronics, medical, aerospace and automotive markets since 2005. Advanced Converting has engineered solutions for the most challenging applications using creative converting techniques with extensive materials knowledge. We have fabricated components for the following applications: Bonding, Cushioning, Friction Control, EMI/RFI Shielding, Gasketing/Sealing, Masking, Surface Protection and Fastening. This materials and processing experience has allowed Advanced Converting to develop a line of ARMA Products for specific applications.

ARMA Products has been a trade name for wholly owned & designed products within Advanced Converting for over 5 years. The ARMA Products line has been created to enhance the durability, functionality and performance of manufactured goods made for specific target markets.

In Jan 2014, the decision was made to create ARMA Products as a division of Advanced Converting to focus technical support and product development of the brand. We review and evaluate items used in the industries of interest and apply our knowledge in the development of ARMA products.


ARMA products is committed to excellence in design and thorough testing to create products that serve a vital role in improving our customers finished goods.

It is our goal is to enhance the durability, performance and appearance of products used in Military, Law Enforcement, Aerospace and Sporting Goods industries.

We are dedicated to profitable corporate growth and provide challenge and opportunity for our employees in a safe and pleasant environment.


We are committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed the highest quality standards in our industry.

The management team has defined and documented our policy for quality management and has implemented a continuous improvement system driven by market requirements.

Our employees have been empowered with the responsibility, authority and freedom to carry out activities in support of the Quality Policy, quality system and product design requirements.