ARMA Products engineers and materials experts have been designing products for the hunter and target shooter enthusiast.
Nylon textile covered foam mats

Available now - Arma-Mat
Fabric covered foam pads for gun rests. Protect your gun from scratches at the shooting range with ARMA-Mat.

Not yet available to the market, but coming soon are -

ARMA-Mask – Peel and stick direct to skin face camouflage patches for hunters. No more face makeup that smears when you sweat and burns your eyes when it runs into them. Unlike face paints that must be washed off your hands and face - ARMA-Mask is clean, easy to apply and remove.


ARMA-Tag – High contrast peel and stick target marking stickers and pads that when impacted by a round provide a
visual identification of a hit.

When product testing is complete, these and other products will become available for sale.