5 Label sizes from 4″ x 6″ to 2″ x 2″, White PET, Thermal Bond
5 Label sizes from 4″ x 6″ to 2″ x 2″, Black TPU, Melt Bond
5 Label sizes from 4″ x 6″ to 2″ x 2″, White PET, Peel & Stick
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AR200 ARMA – RIBBON Thermal Transfer (TT) ribbons for printing on ARMA ID Labels, (2) Black and (1) White View Product
AR300 ARMA – SPALL Military SPALL Fabrics in various colors, deniers, coatings with or w /o PSA View Product
AR400 ARMA – PATCH Heat bondable fabric patches for quick repair of fabric, clothing, packs or carry bags In Development
AR500 ARMA – NET Expandable Roll Netting available in white, safety orange, safety yellow or Camo colors In Development
AR600 ARMA – LATCH Military colored hook and loop product with or w /o PSA In Development
AR700 ARMA – MAT Nylon textile covered foam mats cut and printed for gun rests, pads or work surfaces View Product
AR900 ARMA – MASK Peel and stick patches – direct to skin – for face camouflage In Development
AR1100 ARMA – TAG Peel and stick high contrast targeting markers In Development
AR1200 ARMA – PANEL First responder ID Panels, removable, low profile View Product
AR1300 ARMA – STRIKE Strike Face foams in various materials, durometers and thickness with or w /o PSA View Product
AR1400 ARMA – SHIELD One Piece, Lightweight Ballistic Shield for First Responders, Rigid with Viewport and Handle/Strap. In Development
AR1500 ARMA – GUARD SPALL Cover – vacuum formable TPU – Durable, seal tight abrasion resistant covering material View Product
AR1600 ARMA – SET Low temp, thermal setting films for High Strength substrate bonding of aluminum, ceramics, stainless steel, PE, Kevlar©, etc. In Development

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