Nylon Textile Covered Foam Mat
for Gun Rests, work surfaces or mouse pads.

Color options available, diecut to 2 sizes. Each Mat has an integrated foam backing with 500 denier nylon fabric work surface. The nylon fabric has a water repellant (DWR) coating to keep water and other liquids from absorbing and staining the surface.

Custom printing available with your logo and your details.



Nylon Textile Covered Foam Mats for Gun Rests, work surfaces and mouse pads.
offers the following colors and sizes of Mats. Each Mat has an integrated foam backing with 500 denier top work surface.



P/N Size Color Denier WD (in) LG (in)
AR701 XS Foliage Green 500 7.25 11.50
AR702 MD Foliage Green 500 9.50 11.50
AR703 XS Black 500 7.25 12.50
AR704 MD Black 500 9.50 12.50

Nylon fabric bonded to foam cushioned backing and fabricated to size simulating a body armor plate shape.

  • Keep your handgun and clips from being scratched while at the range
  • Cushioned work surface to keep tools, parts, scopes, and devices clean and cool.
  • Unique mouse pad with body armor shape.

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