for Military or Law Enforcement Body Armor

Nylon Spall Fabrics in various deniers and colors fabricated to your specifications.

  • Quick Apply System – High bond PSA (pressure Sensitive Adhesive)
  • Contact Adhesive – Pre-Applied for solvent reactivation & assembly
  • Plain Backed – roll or diecut shape – ready for your sprayed or rolled on adhesive
  • Coatings – Polyurethane coated one side (C1S) or coated two sides (C2S) in Mil Spec coat weight or non Mil Spec custom coat weights.
  • Coatings – DWR water repellant
  • Printed – Durable inks printed in Black, White, or custom colors. High Opacity and fine edge detail.
  • Precision Diecut shapes to your specifications

Ask about our ARMA-ID durable labels for these fabrics.



offers Military Spall Fabrics in various deniers and colors fabricated to your specifications.

Product Availability:
*Quick Apply System – high bond PSA ) Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
*Plain backed roll or cut form – for your roll or spray coating system
*Coatings – Polyurethane C1S or C2S (coated on or both sides) in various coat weights
*Printed – Durable ink printed Black or White
*Precision Die Cut shapes to specifications

Additional colors and grades are available; ask about our permanent bond, durable lables ( • ID) for these fabrics.

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